Passing the baton

Last fall Ian and Lydia Kline moved from Boston to Washington and purchased our house. Brendan and I could not have asked for a more perfect family. We all thought it might be informative to the Passive House community if Ian and Lydia now continue this blog and give a different and equally important perspective on Passive Houses: that of actually living in one.  

Ian’s perspective will be that of a sustainability consultant. His company, The Cadmus Group is a national leader in energy, environmental, high performance building, and public health consulting to government and business clients. Lydia’s perspective will be that of a working mom managing a demanding full time job as an international health care analyst.

Peabody Architects, working with Cardinal Homes, a Virginia modular company, has now developed a series of affordable prefab Passive Houses, both modern and traditional, including two versions of this foursquare.  Shown below is one of our infill bungalows. These houses will be available in the form of stock plans or as prefab homes. Stay tuned to our website for further developments as we bring these to the market.  You can also contact me directly at

Building our first Passive House was a dream realized for Peabody Architects and O’Neill Development.  And now we are excited to pass the baton to the Klines as they settle with their children into a healthy, low maintenance home, do their part to reduce their carbon footprint, and spread the word of what it’s like to live in the first Passive House in the DC area!