The Roof Is On

Posted from: MD, USA

Thanks to Al Cobb for the last post!

And thanks to Terry Hill, who took the picture above this morning. As you can see, the main roof and dormer roofs are now up. The next steps will be for PanelWrights to add the framing for roof overhangs and porches, and add the additional layer of insulation that will clad the SIP walls. They will then install the windows and we will be ready for our first blower door test.

The picture below shows the top of the SIP walls at a corner, ready to receive the roof panel. The white plastic you see on top is the continuous sill sealer being installed.

The next photo below shows the sill sealer pulled back to reveal the continuous bead of sealant run under it. This is an extra step PanelWrights is taking to guarantee no air leakage here. Sealant can be seen just where the sill sealer meets the wood.

This photo shows the SIP now in place over the corner. Sill sealer has not yet been applied to the adjacent wall. The membrane you see hanging down below the hip beam is the double stick tape used to seal all joints between SIP panels. It is laid down over the hip beam before the SIPs go in. When both SIPs are in place, the paper backing is removed and the membrane adhered continuously to each panel. The next photo shows the same corner from the exterior. The recess of the foam back from the edges of the panel is for the 2×12 edge band which is not in place yet.

Here is the same corner from below. You can see the sealing membrane hanging down by the beam, not yet adhered to the panel.

And here is the peak, just set in place.

Wednesday I leave for the Passive House Conference in Portland, Oregon. Very much ooking forward to comparing notes with those doing projects in other parts of the country.