Status report

Posted from: MD, USA

A few pictures of the house and an update on what is going on. Porch decking is now installed on front and side porches. Deck framing at west side (to left in this picture) has just gone in.

Here is Slavko setting the outdoor condensing unit for the heat pump.

Paving stones are now set in stone dust over gravel at front entry. Still to come: brackets at cornice, porch posts, front steps, porch roofing, gutters, and landscaping.

Drywall finishes now up and wall painting is nearly complete. Trim is nearly complete. Cabinetry will start going in at the end of next week. Below are three pictures of the main spaces downstairs. Floor to ceiling cabinets will be placed under the lowered ceiling areas between spaces, creating 6’ openings between the spaces.

Dining area looking toward front door

Front door looking back toward dining.

Kitchen looking toward living area.

Living area looking back toward kitchen and stairs.