Second floor walls going up on the Net Zero home in Fairfax.

IMG_4032There are big changes to see since my last report. The rains finally ended, and O’Neill Development wasted no time in getting underway on the framing. This is an exciting time for both the owner and the architect, finally seeing the form of the building take place so quickly after months and months of planning. Here are some pictures from the last few weeks, the most recent being this morning…

DSCF5048 The two steel beams carrying the first floor. The one on the left is a 28′ span, which will allow the rec room to be clear of posts. That was heavy — a W16x67, almost a ton!

DSCF5073DSCF5074 First floor decking and framing waiting for the rains to let up.

DSCF5071 Basement walls completely buttoned up with insulation and drain board.

DSCF5051 The haunches that will carry the front entry slab.

IMG_4038 The site this morning. They had just tilted up the two second floor walls before I arrived. This is the front entry facade.

IMG_4034 Those walls are all braced frames, meaning all the nailing and blocking are completely installed before it goes up. Took six men two tries to get this one in place.

IMG_4039 The recess at the front entry door. We are using standard 2×6 framing on this house. We will insulate those walls with cellulose and then add the extra insulation we need to the exterior using an EIFS system. More on that later.

IMG_4040 Post and beam at the front entry.

IMG_4041 Looking from living area toward kitchen area. First floor ceilings are 9′.

IMG_4043 Preparing to tilt up one of the second walls.

Here is a film clip of the general scene this morning..


and here is one of them tilting up the wall in the picture above…