Affordable Multifamily Passive House

Project Description

The design intent for this project is founded on a holistic approach with the primary goal to provide long lasting, comfortable, healthy, ultra-energy-efficient and resource-conscious housing.  A development of this nature would use design principles such as Passive House (PH) and thereby, energy consumption would be modeled, nearly eliminated and verified.

With these ideals as a basis, we seek to serve individuals and families within the low-income portion of the community by providing residences which far exceed both the existing standard and code-built new construction.  We seek to strike a balance of density and shared amenity resources such as a common courtyard, programmed use penthouse, and coupled ventilation and water heating equipment with individual conveniences and freedoms such as operable windows in living and sleeping rooms for natural ventilation and light, open floor plans, and individualized in-unit laundry equipment.  We propose to couple apartment living not only with exterior communal space but also with dynamic and vibrant retail use to reinforce the core of community.

We have partnered with a developer in the submission of this project in response to a competitive Request for Proposals.  We look forward to hearing shortly on the outcome of the competition.  We believe the project will serve as a repeatable example for healthy and sustainable housing solutions.

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