A Net Zero Home in Fairfax City

Project Description

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This house, our first zero energy ready home, was designed using passive house principals but the owners chose not to make it PHIUS certified.  Later this year they will be installing a 20 kw solar array which our PHPP energy modeling shows will power both the house and one electric vehicle. You can see details of the construction on our blog at this link.

The house is another step in our evolution toward greater efficiency and cost effectiveness in building high performance homes,built upon the lessons we have learned in previous passive house projects. New features include a heat pump hot water heater and a conditioning energy recovery ventilator (CERV). The biggest challenge of the project was juggling solar orientation demands along with the usual siting demands to fit the house and garage on a relatively small corner site.

The most rewarding aspects of the project were the great team we had: Tom and Joyce were super clients to work with in every way. Tom, with his background in electrical engineering and commitment to genuine sustainability at every level made the project both better and more efficient on so many levels.  O’Neill Development ‘s team of great subs supervised by Keith Kauffmann brought their usual excellence to the project. Christie Leu was a delightful partner in designing the interior spaces. Moody Graham, another great collaborator, introduced another dimension with their landscape design. Interior photos of kitchen and living areas are by Stacy Zarin Golberg.

Project Details

  • Date April 14, 2016
  • Tags New High Performance Homes, Passive Houses
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