Modernizing a Home in Reston

Project Description

A client with great taste and a keen eye are an architect’s delight. She is an artist with a great sense of color and style;  he, the son of an architect, grew up with a keen appreciation for design. The house, like most in Reston, had wonderful views. But it also had real issues. The small level changes between first floor spaces, so popular in the 60’s, were an impediment to aging legs and to flexibility in room layouts. The small windows limited light and views.

Except for handling some small deferred exterior maintenance, our  work was focused entirely on the interiors. We opened up the living, dining and kitchen spaces to each other and to the outdoors, adding large new windows  and removing walls. We filled in depressed “ conversation nooks” to  create a more flowing connection between the spaces. And we upgraded exterior wall insulation where disturbed by new construction and made energy efficiency integral to the work.

They filled the renovated space with their beautiful furniture and art!


Project Details

  • Date July 30, 2017
  • Tags Remodeling and Additions
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