Peerless Rockville Award

In December our latest Passive House in Rockville received the Peerless Rockville Award for “outstanding achievement in green design and compatible infill”. We like to think of that as kind of a two-fer. The award is a real tribute to the owners who never wavered in their commitment to meeting the Passive House standard, and to O’Neill Development and their great subs.

Speaking of the subs, sitting at the preconstruction conference for the project, I looked around and realized that the heads of four of the companies represented at the table had served as presidents their national trade association:
– Aird Inc: the EIFS system
– Bartley Corporation: the concrete and subgrade insulation
– Foley Mechanical Inc.: the HVAC system
– Panelwrights: the SIP wall and roof panels and framing

That is the kind of outfits high performance homes attract!

We are hoping to photograph the house in the spring.