Passive House Plans Available

We originally designed the New American Foursquare to serve as a prototype Passive House, one that could be replicated affordably in several sizes and configurations.  Informed by the experience of building this house, as the project nears completion we are now developing two suites of plans to offer to the public.

Two house types
One group of plans is based upon the original American foursquare prototype.  We will offer it in three, four and five bedroom versions ranging from 2400 sf to 4400 sf.

The second group of plans is based upon the traditional Craftsman cottage. We will offer it in two, three and four bedroom versions ranging from 1500 sf to 2500 sf.

Because of the nature of Passive House design, no single design can fit all sites and orientations. A design must be modified to fit the specific climate and site orientation.  For instance, we are now planning the first of these second generation foursquares for a lot in Virginia where the front porch faces the street to its north. This requires adjusting window areas at each façade to maximize winter solar gain and control summer solar gain. The changes are subtle, but important, and some will be required for each house

Individual clients will also want to customize the interior spaces to some degree to meet their family’s needs.  We are building that into the process as well.

Two building options
We are offering these houses in two ways. For clients in the metropolitan DC area, we will adapt the design to your site and programmatic needs and build the house under a design/build contract. For clients outside the metropolitan DC area we will provide drawings tailored to your site and program and provide consultation as needed by your local qualified builder.

Please contact us at if you are interested in learning more.