Multifamily Housing and Affordable Homes

Affordable Multifamily

We are working hard to deliver low to zero energy buildings using Passive House design and construction principles with simplicity and economy.  In doing so, we are guided by the belief that high performance, low-impact, and resilient architecture can be realized by residents of all income brackets.  It is a matter of when”, rather than if”.

Our rationale:

  • High performance buildings eliminate energy poverty. Utilizing high performance design strategies enables achievement of Zero Energy Buildings, or at least near zero energy ready buildings.  We recognize that by eliminating or at least minimizing and stabilizing the cost of electric utility, the chances of greater financial security are dramatically increased; particularly for individuals and families within the low to no-income portion of our population.
  • High performance buildings are healthier buildings. High performance buildings inherently deliver more regularized, healthier, and comfortable interior environmental quality.  Stable indoor temperatures, comfortable humidity levels, managed CO2 levels, and air with reduced VOCs, are results of these integrated buildings.  In turn, the chances or illness, allergy, fatigue and discomfort is decreased for all occupants.  Residents who are restricted by income benefit greatly with these reduced risks in their home environment, resulting in higher productivity and physical activity, less absenteeism, and less demand for health care.
  • High performance buildings are more resilient, lower maintenance buildings. By delivering Zero Energy Buildings, a non-profit developer has greater resources left to serve low-income residents.  These buildings not only consume less energy, they are more resilient to extreme weather events and climatic fluctuations, and yield a longer maintenance cycle for upkeep.



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