Foundation walls going up

Posted from: MD, USA

Yesterday we erected all the exterior wall forms, and today we will
pour the foundation walls.

Air sealing is critical in Passive Houses. To prevent any potential
air leakage, we have minimized and clustered the number of
penetrations through exterior walls. At our preconstruction meeting
all subcontractors submitted exact locations of where they need to
penetrate the building envelope, and worked together to consolidate
those holes. We have placed sleeves in the formwork for all
penetrations, which will later be sealed and insulated.

Here are a few images:
* a short clip of erection of the forms;
* Keith Kauffman, Jobsite Superintendant, who is keeping it all on track;
* rear frost wall footing with wall steel in place;
* and a general view from the front yard. In the distance you can
see the variety of houses in the neighborhood: two large new houses on
the left and an older original house on the right. Our foursquare will
be in the middle of that spectrum size-wise.