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We are a small office committed to genuine sustainability. The carbon reductions stipulated by the Architecture 2030 Challenge timetable mark the minimum standard for all our work. Yet much of our work moves well ahead of that schedule. The goal behind our work, both in and out of the office, is to move construction away from carbon-producing buildings, and help point the way to better ways to build.

Our work is all residential. We have some notable successes and firsts under our belt, a solid reputation for good design in every sense of that word, and a growing clientele interested in what we do.

Qualities we value

  • Strong design background.
  • Strong people skills.
  • Genuine curiosity and interest in how buildings go together. That is to say, a practical bent.
  • Knowledge of residential construction is a plus but not a requirement.

Now looking for…

We do not have any openings at the present time but if you share our commitment to deep sustainability and like hard work, we we would like to know about you.

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