Christmas update on the Fairfax Zero Energy House


We are getting near completion of the project, as painters are busy finishing walls and trim and we continue to await the arrival of the high pressure laminate paneling for the exterior. We are now told that that will be in the first week of January. All the areas on the exterior that are now black will be covered by a rain screen of 5″ wide horizontal panels in a simulated wood finish.


The rear sun protection canopy is now complete. The trim band at the exterior will be painted to match the recessed band in the stucco. The underside of the canopy will have the same HPL simulated wood strips that we will be using blow on the black area. That black area is also EIFS, but with a dark finish so that it will not be seen behind the simulated wood rainscreen.


Ditto the front entry canopy.

Interior trim going up on zero energy home in Fairfax VA

Above and below: interior trim going up at the stair opening, as seen from the front entry.

Interior trim going up on zero energy home in Fairfax VA

Interior trim going up on zero energy home in Fairfax VA


The upper stair hall. Railing yet to be installed. Clerestory windows above provide light to the interior of the house. One large unit will be operable by remote control to provide natural ventilation in spring and fall, taking advantage of the Venturi effect created by its height.

Phase two of the project is the garage. We now have the permit for that work and excavation will begin in January. It will be the foreground structure in the image below.

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