Arlington Zero Energy Passive Progress Update 1

Weather has been a huge factor as O’Neill Development has struggled to pour concrete walls and complete backfilling in between unprecedented rainstorms. All concrete for the house proper is now in place and considerable backfilling has been accomplished. Work is now proceeding on placing footings for various site retaining walls before completion of all backfilling around the house. Here are some images of the progress:

Looking from top of the hill from street. Formwork off and the two story foundation walls at the west side revealed.










View from the south east. Waterproofing starting to go on the walls.

The piers will carry the deck at the lower entrance deck.









Torrential rains came just as they were about to pour the basement slab. Here you can see the 15 mil Stego vapor barrier (yellow with red tape at all joints) after the flooding. All the reinforcing and the vapor barrier had to be taken out and re-done because of the damage from the flooding and contamination with mud from the site.












View to the east from basement.
Stego vapor barrier and reinforcing re-done, and basement slab now poured. The Stego you see sticking up above the top of the slab will cut flush with slab and sealed to the concrete, completing the sealing.








View from southwest from the street.

Waterproofing now completed on subgrade walls an drainage fabric now covers it. The final grade will essentially be flush with the top of the drainage fabric you see on the south wall.








View from the south.

This gives a better view of where the final grade will be along the south wall. At lower right you can see the beginning of installation of the 4″ of rigid EPS foam against the waterproofing.








View from the south.

Steel now going up. It took a huge crane to lift the steel into place from the street. It was at the limit of its reach. Top of the steel posts is at roof level, giving you an idea of the final height of the house.








View from the northeast.










The west wall before backfilling on a dry day. The two story concrete post will carry the entry terrace.









Looking west at south wall.

First sequence of backfilling now complete.










Then more torrential rain.