We design new houses, additions and renovations for the real world—

places of health and comfort, order and beauty.

Deep sustainability is woven into all our work.

Peabody Architects specializes in high performance housing. In fact, that is all that we do. Hopefully a full reading of our website will give a better idea of what we mean by that term. It includes health, comfort and energy performance. In practice since 1991, our experience includes new homes and renovations;  high end houses and affordable houses; single family houses and multifamily housing. The common denominator is that our approach, based upon Passive House principles since 2009, lowers the carbon footprint of all of our clients.

Sustainable, High Performance Architecture

New Homes, Traditional and Modern

Passive House and Net Zero Energy Homes

Deep Energy Retrofits and Renovations

Remodeling and Additions

Aging in Place and Fully Accessible Homes

Modular High Performance Homes

Multifamily Housing and Affordable Homes

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